It really is possible to get a default removed from your credit file. We know this is true because we have done it on a number of occasions, and are continuing to do it now!

Removing defaults from files held at the credit reference agencies isn’t easy, it takes determination, hardwork and thick skin. It’s not always possible and there must be a reason why it should NOT be there.

To have a default removed you need to have a genuine reason.

Because you want a mortgage or a new car on finance is NOT a real reason to have a default taken off your credit file. Credit files are there for a reason and serve a valuable purpose.

If your default is placed in error, there are circumstances which led to the default which were out of your control, or are compelling then you do have a chance to have it removed by the lender.

The process takes a lot of letter wring, trying different angles and often appealing to peoples better nature. You can purchase our guide to having defaults removed below. This is based on Fact, on real cases we have helped with, it’s based on Real Success, and Real Results.

Example of Successfully removing a default:

Before we got to work:

deafult on credit file

After we worked to get the default removed, this is the exact same entry on experian for the exact same account.

default removed from credit file

To do this was hard work as it is most of the time. The account was already “partially settled” so we ha d no leverage by making any payments which did make it more difficult. But we still succeeded.

The person whos credit file this was went on to complete her house purchase with a mortgage from a highstreet lender with an excellent rate. She moved on 1st October 2013.

When she applied for her mortgage the adviser from the Halifax said:

“it’s ok you don’t need to send any payslips because your credit rating is so good”

Step by Step Guide to Default Removal from Your Credit File

Please remember this isn’t legal advice, its based on our own opinion and fact. We have successfully removed defaults using these tactics but there has to be a reason for the lender to do it.