Removing CCJ’s aka County Court Judgement from your your credit file is very possible, it needs to have been placed in error or you had no opportunity to defend the case for various reasons.

County Court Judgements are often acquired against customers after a credit agreement has gone bad, payments have been missed and court action was the last resort for the lender. This isn’t always the case however and there are times when they are registered unfairly.

If you owe the money you should pay it or come to an arrangement to pay, this should have been done before court action was taken but many people tend to ignore things and bury their heads in the sand hoping it will just go away. It really is far better to face up to debt, dealing with your debt problems will make you a happier person and have a positive impact on your life.

IMPORTANT: If the CCJ is new you have 30 days from the date of judgement to settle the balance, doing this will have the judgement removed from your credit file so you need to act quickly.

If you owe it, and are able to pay it….then do so. Get a receipt and ask the lender/claimant to update the court, if they fail to do so inform the court of the date is was paid and show your receipt ads proof.

Get a County Court Judgement Set Aside

Getting a count court judgement set aside can be done if you did not acknowledge the claim as the case was heard without your knowledge.

To do this you must have a valid reason to have not received the court documents, you can’t just have put them in the bin and expect to argue at a later date. The fact is however many cases go to Court and the defendant is unware that it’s even happened. Does the lender have your correct address? Were the court papers sent to a wrong address? Were you given misleading information by the claimant/lender?

These are all valid reasons to apply to the court to have the judgement set aside.

If you don’t have a valid reason you really need to pay the judgement to have it marked as “satisfied” on your credit report. Lenders will look more favorably on satisfied judgements although some have a policy to reject any applicant with a ccj. You can also add a note on your credit file to explain why you have this judgement so lenders to see your side of it. Just be open and honest and explain the circumstances, it is better than doing nothing!

CCJs stay on your credit file for 6 Years from the date of judgement whether they are settled or not.