Frustrating, Annoying, Brick Wall, Head Banging, Useless, Ignored, Patronized, Dismissed, Threatened. These are all words used by people trying to get errors on their credit files corrected!

That’s why I started this website “credit repair man” to hopefully help others keep going and get the results they deserve. I believe it’s often unfair to have a persons credit file tarnished by mistakes, administrative errors or just ruined by some unscrupulous company using underhand tactics, what chance does the little guy have against huge corporations with legal teams and bottomless funds?

Hopefully the advice and articles we provide can help you, as it helped me and many others.

About Me:

My names Tony and I am NOT a solicitor, NOT a Barrister, NOT a lawyer. In fact my education was lacking considerably, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have an opinion and stand up for what I believe is right.

I am currently studying for a Bachelor of Laws Degree and that decision was all brought on by my experience of dealing with credit/finance companies, debt collection agencies, debt buyers and credit reference agencies.

I really do want to help. I hated school but as I get older realize I could study and make a difference. Specializing in the consumer credit act is my main aim, and helping people right wrongs is far easier if you have letters after your name!!

After seeing my own credit file laden with errors and defaults I decided to get them removed. You would think this was easy right? It was far from it. It took Months of letters and complaints to get anywhere. Most of the time i was dismissed, but by not giving up, researching the FACTS and proving my point……. in the end I got the result.

People in the “credit industry” don’t really take you seriously, even when it’s something they have done is causing you a real problem. These companies have a responsibility to us all to ensure the data they hold is accurate and up to date. Maladministration and incompetence are no excuse for effecting someones life, problems should be dealt with quickly, and efficiently but this just isn’t the case and it’s just WRONG!